OneFamily Program Continues To Expand in Mexico

NPH Mexico advances successful family reintegration across the largest country in our childcare system, supporting children and their biological families to reconnect and adapt.
February 22, 2020 - Mexico

A biological family in the OneFamily program receives birthday cards for the children.

NPH’s OneFamily Program in Mexico is about to complete its second year of reintegrating pequeños with their biological families. It started as a pilot program in February 2017 with a family analysis for two siblings. After months of psychosocial research, in September of 2017 those children were reintegrated with the family. The children’s welfare is ensured through ongoing visits, monitoring, and psychological attention for the whole family.

The NPH OneFamily program currently monitors three children and four adolescents through the Social Work department in Cuernavaca, Mexico, managed by NPH Mexico psychologist Sandra Hernández.

“The program is working. Although its growth has been gradual, in 2020 we’re planning to introduce five more families and nine children. We will ensure that we give the families our full attention,” insists Sandra.

She adds, “It’s a long way to travel to some of the communities where the children’s biological families live. We must visit the children three times a year. To start the process, we schedule the days we are going to visit the families, then we arrange transportation from Casa Buen Señor in Cuernavaca to take us to different cities. For example, Iguala, Guerrero, is 64 miles away; it takes an hour and a half to get there.”

Whereas the OneFamily program has expanded more quickly in Honduras and Guatemala, Mexico is proceeding cautiously due to various constraints, one being geography. Mexico is largest among the nine countries where NPH operates programs and delivers services; it is twice the size of Peru and Bolivia, the next largest countries.

Children come from far and wide, which means cost and travel time can become a significant factor in reconnecting them with their families. NPH Mexico’s goal to increase its OneFamily program by nine children in 2020 is a manageable target given the circumstances and locations of the families involved and the level of attention required to help facilitate successful reintegration of the children.

It will also continue with the seven children it currently monitors, all of whom are adapting well into their new home life and local community, re-entering the school system, and achieving good grades.

“We take them presents and gifts from NPH Mexico. The children obviously still have very strong ties to Casa San Salvador (the NPH Home in Miacatlán), and they want to know how their friends are. After all, the other pequeños were their brothers and sisters while they lived with NPH. Some children even like to send letters,” Sandra reflects with a smile. “The families are appreciative when we do our visits, and so are the children.

“I’m grateful to be an important part of this program that helps our pequeños to have a second opportunity to return with their families, only this time they are receiving food, education, clothing, and our professional attention and support,” concludes Sandra.

The main objective of the OneFamily Program is to guarantee the best interests of the child, as well as the protection and restoration of the child’s rights, and NPH Mexico is fulfilling this objective well.

To learn more about our programs in NPH Mexico, visit #YoSoyNPH.

Linette Gómez with Alicia Balderrama   
Communications Officer, NPH Mexico




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