Year in Review: NPH Mexico Gives Even More to Local Communities in 2019

From health and sustainability to community projects, NPH Mexico went a long way in completing its long-term objectives in 2019.
February 6, 2020 - Mexico

Success no. 1: Healthy Pequeños, created and implemented by volunteer Alaina Hall with support from the University of Pennsylvania.

Success no. 1: Healthy Pequeños

In 2019, volunteer Alaina Hall completed an initiative through the University of Pennsylvania called Healthy Pequeños, where she worked all year to implement holistic and sustainable interventions to prevent pediatric infectious disease and improve the children’s physical health. Healthy Pequeños was implemented over the course of a year and completed in June 2019. The project was tremendous success with the following results:

- 7 sources of sewage exposure were eliminated and 461 children benefited - 730 children are now up-to-date and received their vaccines on time - 730 children now have access to clean water - 98 education sessions were given to 733 children and 37 caregivers - 8 clinic spaces were repaired, giving 582 children access to sanitary clinic spaces

In just one short year, the positive effects of this project are apparent. 97% of caregivers reported seeing an increase in infection prevention behaviors among children throughout the year. 100% of caregivers report making changes in their own behavior to help prevent infections for themselves and the children throughout the year.

Although Alaina has now finished her time at NPH, the education initiatives of this project are expected to be carried on by her successor in 2020.

To learn more about medical programs at NPH Mexico, click here.

Success no. 2: Water Purification Plant

In 2019 NPH Mexico was able to build its own water purification system. This important project is helping to reduce ongoing expenditures across all of the NPH Mexico facilities. Total expenditures have already dramatically decreased and the savings continue as time goes on.

Previously, the house was spending $93,600 pesos per year on 4,800 water jugs. Currently, only $16,194 pesos are being spent in production costs, saving $77,406 pesos every year. This has resulted in a 79% decrease in total expenditures.

Going into 2020, the house will continue to reduce water costs at this rate owing to the more efficient system.

Success no. 3: Metlatonoc Clinic Project

One of the principal objectives of 2019 was to help the communities of which NPH is a part. This was the inspiration for the Metlatonoc Clinic Project.

The idea is to work with local municipal authorities to provide support in the form of basic health services to Metlatonoc, one of the poorest communities in the state of Guerrero, where many of NPH’s children come from.

In Metlatonoc, emergency aid is only accessible via a four-hour drive to the nearest town, most often resulting in the patient dying before they can receive treatment. NPH strives to not only provide a better life for children in NPH homes, but also show them the value of gratitude and giving back.

For this reason, NPH Mexico has constructed a plan to bring Ofelia Galvez Olea, a pequeña originally from Metlatonoc who will graduate with a nursing degree in the spring of 2020, to Metlatonoc to provide first aid services, vaccines, parasite treatment, and disease prevention in an attempt to decrease the mortality rate and provide comprehensive healthcare for the people of the community.

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"Even though 2019 has been a challenge for us all, we continue transforming the lives of more and more children who now have a second chance to live with dignity and without poverty," says NPH National Director Rafael Bermudez.

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Linette Gomez and Sofi Estrada   
Communication Officers, NPH Mexico




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