NPH Family Celebrates International Nurses Day

Director of Medical Services, Dr. Edwin Vallecillo, pays tribute to the nurses throughout the nine NPH homes.
May 15, 2020 - NPH International

Medical team in NPH Guatemala

On 12 May, NPH International celebrated International Nurses’ Day. I would like to recognize this occasion by acknowledging the important work that nurses do in all areas of their work, but especially by recognizing the extraordinary work they do to look after the health of the children at NPH.

Although it is with a bittersweet taste for the times we are living, the work they do is a labor of love and dedication, especially in these difficult times of COVID 19, where it is the nurses who are at the foot of the bed of the sick to accompany them and provide them with all the care they need.

In NPH homes, nurses are playing a vital role, performing daily monitoring activities, continuing to deliver medicine to the sick, protecting the weakest in clinics, they feed them, bathe them and change them. They remain alert to all the services we offer, they continue to smile at the people who knock at their doors; nurses are the lifeblood of our health centers and their work must be highlighted. We must also trust that their capacities are exceptional and we must work so that they continue to grow and empower them to become integral protectors of the services we offer.

From cleaning activities, to visiting public hospitals, waiting in long queues to receive care for a specialist, visiting many places to get a medication, or simply giving us an injection; those are just some of the tasks that every day, with a lot of love, our nurses do for us. And for our nurses, NPH children also become family, children, godchildren, a special connection is created which helps us to get the best possible health care.

What we can do is professionalize the work they do and thank God that there are these people who dedicate their lives every day, to stand next to the sick and provide them with the care that only they understand and know how to do.

A cheerful nurse is part of the remedy that the sick need for their recovery, and we have a lot of that joy inside our homes.

Therefore, we send you our full gratitude for your work and recognize that your daily contributions are essential for all of us to enjoy a good state of health.

Thank you very much nurses from NPH and from all corners of the world.

Please support our NPH homes during this time of need. Any help you can give is well received and accepted graciously. Please visit for more information.

Dr. Edwin Vallecillo
Director of Medical Services of NPHI




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