Top 3 Moments of 2018

A 16-year-old at NPH Mexico shares his favorite memories of 2018 and his goals for the coming year.
January 7, 2019 - Mexico

Ralph performs El Grito de la Independencia, the Mexican Cry for Independence.

Ralph was born in Iguala, in the state of Guerrero. Now 16 years old, he arrived at NPH at the age of seven with his younger siblings. He wants to be a doctor and practice medicine in Acapulco, Metlatónoc, Tlapa de Comonfort, and Iguala: all cities in the state where he was born. He is currently in his first semester of high school and studying childcare. He loves to read, especially reciting in public! Ralph shares his three top moments from 2018, all of which have to do with his life at NPH and illustrate his love for his family.

1. Easter

“I was thrilled looking for Easter eggs with my 15-year-old brother and our friends. While we were hunting for Easter eggs, we chatted and had lots of fun. My brother found the special golden egg and I found the silver one; we both won prizes! I was also very happy because during Easter Mass, I was chosen to read the second reading in front of the whole family. I was a bit nervous at first, but I did well.”

2. Family Day

“My younger brother and my cousins came to live at NPH recently. When my brother turned 11, we celebrated his birthday with cake and hamburgers. My brother even brought his friends to visit us. We were all together for the first time in years! My grandmother was pleased to visit us and see how well we’re doing. By the way, it made me very happy that my 15-year-old brother raised his average in school. His grades have improved a lot.”

3. Independence Day Celebration

“The principal approached me with a surprise. He asked if I would like to participate in something special: portray Don Miguel Hidalgo, leader of the Mexican Independence movement, and carry out the traditional Grito de la Independencia for our high school celebration.”

The Cry of Independence is a Mexican tradition that takes place each year on September 15. The Mexican president, governors, municipal authorities, and ambassadors in every country around the world repeat the Cry of Independence and ring the Independence Bell before a large crowd. It is also observed in some schools and private celebrations.

“So I did it. I held the Mexican flag in my left hand and rang the bell. It was so exciting! What I liked most were the words I shouted at the top of my lungs: ‘Mexicans, long live the heroes that gave us our homeland.’ After the ceremony, many girls asked me if I would dance with them. This made me very popular with the girls.”

Representing the Father of the Nation is quite an honor for any Mexican.

Goal for 2019

“My goal is that my specialty group in childcare is more united and that there is more trust among us in order to prepare to present our school project very soon.” The project is about diseases caused by malnutrition in teenagers.

Children’s names have been changed to protect their privacy.

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You may be only one person in the world, but you may be all the world to one child.
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