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Dec. 14
Our Voices: Christmas Letter from Erick, NPH Mexico
As part of the Our Voices series, a student of international business in Monterrey, Mexico, sends a Christmas letter to the NPH family
Nov. 24
Our Voices: Celinda from NPH Mexico
Celinda from NPH Mexico tells us of her new responsibilities at Casa Buen Señor during the COVID-19 pandemic, her struggles adapting to online studying and thinking of her family in the state of Guerrero.
Sep. 28
NPH Mexico: We Pray For You
Children at NPH Mexico share their thoughts and feelings through art work during the COVID-19 pandemic, while also praying that their godparents and donors are safe.
Aug. 19
“Nothing Shall I Fear!”
25 year-of-service youth begin a bold new chapter at university
Jul. 16
NPH Mexico: College Graduates of 2020
You believed in them and now they have succeeded.
May 15
Rafael Bermudez: Impact of COVID-19 on NPH Mexico
National Director, Rafael Bermudez, talks of the impact and the needs of NPH Mexico.
Apr. 14
Photo Essay: Children Enjoy Easter Traditions at NPH Mexico
Despite the COVID-19 pandemic, children at NPH Mexico enjoyed Easter festivities.
Mar. 26
NPH Mexico Adopts COVID-19 Safeguards While Upholding the Call to Serve
Children and employees receive training on prevention and safety in the fight against coronavirus. Meanwhile, the NPH Mexico family continues to grow.

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