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Continuously caring for our NPH family, no matter where they are
März 16 - Guatemala
How NPH Guatemala is helping a young man through the complications of kidney stones.
NPH Farms: Sustaining and Educating
März 16 - Dominikanische Republik
Antonio is a hardworking young man preparing for a future career by working on our NPH farm in the Dominican Republic.
Supporting Emotional Stability after the Mexico Earthquake
März 15 - Mexiko
Our team of professionals continues to support the emotional health of our children months after the September 2018 earthquake.
Faith Above All
März 13 - Dominikanische Republik
A young Marisela shares how her faith keeps her grounded as she enters adulthood.
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Seeking a Brilliant Future: Our Indigenous Children
Jan. 14 - Mexiko
Vehicle for the NPH OneFamily Family Reintegration Program

Jan. 3 - Guatemala
Click to see this project on YouTube!
Support and Empower our Girls
Dez. 31 - Peru
Our Farm, a Way of Living
Dez. 31 - El Salvador
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  310 new arrivals
  42 university graduates
  308 high school graduates
  88 full time volunteers
  545 Holy Sacraments
  114,566 services provided through community programs


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